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Legend halves,primes and playables for trade


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My wanted:


-packs of any kind


-playable trainers/primes(Junk arm,Rare candy,Pokemon Collector...)




My haves:




-Ho-Oh bottom half,


-Lugia Legend both halves,


-Darkrai&Cresselia Legend top half,


-Palkia Dialga bottom half


-Suicune&Raikou Legend one whole card+1bottom half




-Meganium prime


-Ampharos prime


-Electrode prime x2


-Machamp prime


-Ursaring prime


-Celebi prime x3


-Umbreon prime


-Lanturn prime


-Slowking prime


Notable haves:


-Roserade x2


-Spiritomb RH x4


-Riolu x2










-Yanma x8








Feel free to ask for any uncommon/common cards you might need,i have loads of other cards aswell






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