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Opening Pokemon TCG online on Macbook pro


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Hello everyone!


Since the last Update I cannot open the Game on my macbook pro. When I try, It opens a window which says: The last time you opened Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, it was force quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again? then it asks me if I want to reopen it or not. But it doesn't work though. The only thing that it does, is to stop itself, and the Mac redirects me to a Forced Closing of the Software... Can you please solve this problem?

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* Uninstall previous version of PTCGO

* Use some program to remove old/temporary files (i suggest AVG Cleaner)

* Restart PC

* Install new version of PTCGO



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This also happened to me today.

The game was trying to load, eating up 32GB of the memory in my MBP, and crashing before showing any starting screen.

Used AppCleaner to delete the files, downloaded recent game install from the website and reinstalled.

All working fine now.

Bad experience though.... Patches shouldn't brick an installation like that.

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