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Tournament issue last night


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When I clicked join tournament last night I got stuck on the screen where it shows the list of players which was empty and the option to leave tournament was greyed out and had no text. I waited a while but it just stayed on that screen and I had to close the whole game to exit.


Unfortunatey I'm fairly sure the 8 tickets were taken for this tournament and that a short while afterwards I received the result screen saying I came last.


Then a short while later in another tournament I joined I played at least four matches consecutively which started immediately after one another. Add to that getting a disconnect in an earlier tournament immediately after the maintenance and all in all I'm a little annoyed at losing tickets.


Now if you just donate me a shaymin-ex with the six card draw ability we can forget all about it (I joke).


I see you have taken tournaments down today, glad to see you have realised there are issues there.

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