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In-App Tournament Tickets


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Like most people, we updated to the latest version of PTCGO this afternoon.  For me, I updated first on my laptop, with nothing extraordinary being apparent.  And then I got excited when I updated the app on my iPad.  A new button appeared in the top-right, that looks exactly like Gem purchases.  I keep hoping this "beta" option (to purchase Gems) makes its way outside of Canada.


The bad -- no Gems.  The good (I guess) -- now we can get tournament tickets through in-app purchases, rather than on the website.  Lets hope this negotiation and agreement with Apple works out, and we get a real store in the future.


P.S.  I have never purchased tournament tickets personally.  Always seems to have ample as is.  But I hope this works out, just to get those hard-to-collect promos and such.

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