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2.41 Patch Notes | Dec. 14, 2016


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- Added support for GX attacks
- Many protection effects now generate a shield animation when preventing damage or effects

- Significantly increased the size of cards in Carousel View
- Added a filter for Pokémon, Trainer, and Energy cards that have the NEW! tag
- Duplicate items in the Products Opened window are now consolidated into a single stack



- The XY Basic Theme Decks and the three Theme Decks that the game currently grants all accounts: Born of Fire, Crushing Current and Hidden Depths have been re-balanced to better fit within the current Theme Deck meta.

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Bug Fixes



  • Charizard (EVO #11): The Energy Burn Ability now properly converts Energy that has been attached from the deck or discard pile.
  • Cobalion (STS #74): The effect of the Quick Guard attack is now properly removed when Cobalion is moved to the Bench.
  • Greedy Dice (STS #102): It is no longer possible to select the same Prize card multiple times.
  • Jellicent (PLS #39): The Spiteful Spirit Ability now functions properly when Jellicent is Knocked Out.
  • Machamp (FFI #46): Evolving to Machamp BREAK no longer creates two instances of the Fighting Fury Ability.
  • Mew (EVO #53): The Neutral Shield Ability now properly prevents retaliation effects that are created by the effect of an attack by the opponent's Evolution Pokémon.
  • Mewtwo (EVO #51): The player effect of the Barrier attack can no longer be removed by Pokémon Ranger.
  • Palkia-EX (BKP #31): The prompt text for the Aqua Turbo attack now matches the card's text.
  • Professor Sycamore (STS #114): This card can no longer be played when there are 0 cards remaining in the deck.
  • Trevor (PR #XY33): The invalid foil version of this card is no longer present in the game.
  • Volcanion-EX (STS #26): The status effect indicator for the Volcanic Heat attack is now properly removed when Volcanion-EX is moved to the Bench.
  • Xerneas (XY #96): The correct prompt text now appears for the Geomancy attack when there is only 1 Energy card remaining in the deck.


  • iOS/Android: The game now properly launches to the log in screen after logging out of a Guest mode account, or to the full account if the account's log in credentials were saved on the log in screen.
  • The loading progress bar should no longer stall at 81% when logging back into the game after being disconnected due to inactivity.

Gameplay: General

  • An unnecessary Energy selection prompt is no longer presented when retreating a Pokémon with no Retreat cost.
  • Effects of attacks from Pokémon-EX can no longer heal damage from a Pokémon with the Safeguard Ability.
  • Effects of attacks from Pokémon-EX that attach Energy to another Pokémon are now properly processed if that Pokémon has the Safeguard Ability.
  • Timing out while selecting a Prize card for a Pokémon that was Knocked Out between turns no longer causes the opponent to skip their next turn.
  • Trainer cards and Energy cards are now properly sorted in the selection reveal window.

Gameplay: Trainer Challenge

  • Opponents should now use the proper deck boxes.
  • The Booster Pack unlock progress bar for all theme decks should now update properly after each unique win.

Gameplay: Versus

  • It should no longer be necessary to close and reopen the client to see the new Versus season rewards after the previous Versus season ends.
  • The final Versus reward no longer shows as received prior to earning the required number of Versus Points.

Gameplay: Events

  • The game should now properly load when logging back in after the next round of a Tournament has started.

Cards: Collection

  • Entering a single letter in the search box now returns only cards that start with that letter. This should make it much easier to find cards with short names, such as N (FCO #105).
  • Removed duplicate entries of some decks from the Packs tab.
  • The search terms for Mega and Primal Pokémon-EX should now be consistent in the German client.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Viewing and saving an opponent's deck after a match no longer shows the opponent's stats for that deck.

Cards: Trading

  • When creating a trade offer, only gameplay items that have the For Trade tag should appear by default in the I Am Giving.
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