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Christmas Wishlist of some Oddball Cards - Please Look


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Merry Christmas!


Please have a look at my list of needed cards below:



Name                Set                             #             Version
Druddigon         Dragons Vault            17/20       Foil                Unobtainable???
Steelix               HS - Unleashed         24/95       Foil
Tyranitar           HS - Unleashed          26/95       Foil
Noctowl             HGSS                        8/123       Non-Foil
Feraligatr          HGSS                        20/123      Foil
Meganium         HGSS                        26/123     Foil
Typhlosion        HGSS                         22/123     Foil
Riolu                  Black Promo             bw33        Non-Foil
Genesect           Black Promo             bw101      Foil ---------Got it!
Xerneas             Black Promo             xy05         Foil
Umbreon            Black Promo             xy96        Foil --------- Got it!
Champion Festival           Red Promo           S15 02, 04, 05, 06, 07
Champion Festival           Red Promo           S16 01 - 06
I can offer cards or packs for reasonable trades.
Thanks for Looking.
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We still haven't dipped into HGSS sets, so I can't help you much.


I do have the Genesect BW101.  Will trade it for as many Pikachu from Furious Fists (the one with the flowers) as you can afford to let go.


But I checked your Want List.  I don't think the Druddigon from Dragon Vault is obtainable.  There are 2 Druddigon in that set, and I swear the 2nd one didn't even exist when I completed that set.  It's there now, but I haven't been able to find anyone at all who's seen it or owns one (and I've checked the trades available from many people).  I have an extra of the 1st one, but it doesn't show as "For Want" in your account, so I'm assuming you're missing the "hard one" too.


You're in my friends list, if you want that Genesect.  I tagged it.

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Thanks RobRatt!


Trade Sent for 25 Pikachu - Let me know if it gets cancelled during maintenance or something and I will resend.

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