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'Tis the Season

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Hello everyone!

I'm a huge fan of Pokemon card art, but I receive these Pokemon TCG codes from the Pokemon sets I buy at the store. I end up never using them, and they sit on my desk to collect dust.

Well, no more!

Since it is the Holiday season, I've decided to gift these codes to any people interested in having them.


Respond via post or PM by January 1st, 2017 at 11:59PM. I prefer PM, but I will check on this post for anyone who replies via post. Respond to help me track how many people are interested. You can respond to all of the giveaways if you like. I will ask that you respond with an account per person rather than respond for two or more people on one account.


  • For the 1st giveaway, I have a "Mythical Pokemon Collection - Arceus" code for anyone who would like one online. The card set I bought contained an EX Arceus, one that had a really cool design. I even got a little pin for it, and it is a shiny pin too. The code came with it, and it hopefully hasn't been tampered with prior to packaging. Anyone who wants it can have it.


  • The 2nd giveaway is a "Mythical Pokemon Collection - Darkrai" code for anyone who is interested in having one. My second Pokemon set, this contained an EX Darkrai card, one of the coolest designs I have seen in a long time. It also had a small Darkrai pin, the cutest pin I've seen of a Mythical Pokemon. Though I guess seeing Darkrai but as 1-inch tall is adorable in and of itself.


  • The 3rd giveaway is a special one since it is the first Pokemon set I bought this past summer. It's an "XY - Trainer Kit - Pikachu Libre and Suicune" code for anyone who especially enjoys having the rad Pikachu Libre or the dainty Suicune. I bought it solely because of Pikachu Libre. I even have the card framed. Because Pikachu Libre, that's why.


On January 6th, I will make a post on who the winners of the giveaway are. It will be a random selection, so each participant will have an equal chance at receiving each giveaway of their choice.


I'm hoping people see this post and respond before the New Years. Please spread this to your friends and allies who play Pokemon TCG Online. I would love for these codes to be used for the game rather than sit on my desk and go to waste.


Anyway, Happy Holidays!

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Just so you know, it's not going to work to give away codes.  If you redeem them first and then just trade the prizes, you could get it to work.  You might want to check out this thread: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/48904-questions-about-having-a-giveawayraffle/

Oh cool. I actually didn't think I could redeem the codes and then gift them away. I'm still hesitant to do that since I don't want to accidentally redeem the codes and then disable the ability to give them away after redeeming them. I don't actually know how the whole "redeem codes and still give them away" works. Have you been able to redeem codes before?


(sorry this reply is so so very late. I've been at college and we just got out yesterday. @_@ School, whyyyy)


And actually, how will giving away not-redeemed codes not work? Wouldn't it still be viable to have other players redeem codes and use them themselves?

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All redeemed codes give a tradeable staff.
If code is not redeemed it can be used by everyone.

Every code can be used only once.

You can easely give away codes but you must do it in accordance to forum rules

(Helpful copy pasta from Felidae_,if you didnt see this

1. It has to be free. Any kind of participation fee (i.e. a raffle, where you pay 1 booster to enter and then get a chance to win something) usually falls under gambling, which will be shut down immediately. Giving prizes away as a “payment”, i.e. for spamming the support portal with requests , is also prohibited. The same would be true for sentence like “for every like this post gets I'll throw in another pack” and so forth.


2. It has to be anonymous. As soon as users have to reveal more than their user name (i.e. gender, age, residence, etc.), in order to participate, it will be shut down, due to the privacy policy on the forum.


3. It has to be an in-game item. Neither real cards, nor premium-membership for other forums, nor Pokemon dolls, nor anything else will be accepted.


4. It has to be on the forums. Aprox twice every month someone tries to promote their stream, or their yt channel, with a free giveaway. Let's just say those threads get terminated pretty quickly.


5. It has to be on the right sub-forum, which can only be the off-topic forum. In-game item exchange is only for trading ( numerous giveaway threads have been closed there already) and the other sub-forums are also insufficient for a giveaway.)


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Alright, so I gather that I can still give away these codes I received from my cards. I haven't used them, so anyone who receives them will be able to redeem them themselves online.


I will scan a picture of each of my codes and send a PM to each of the people who won the random selection with an attachment of their code, as I listed above.


I think that sounds about right. Thanks for the added input.

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