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Can we get an Official Pokemon TCG Online wiki?


A wiki we can link to on the forum. Many question get ask again and again.


There are som very good answare on some threads but it is diffecult to find info on and old thread just for repost.


Stuff for the wiki:

- Comment answars on cards, why they do not work some times. example (Fighting Fury Belt)

- Good advices for new players.

- Deck list for the most comment deck types.

- History of TCG Online

- Strategy

- advice about what card are good in decks and more.

- how to counter different decks


It was just a simpel idear...

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I would love to see an official wiki that certain well-respected community members are able to edit and do the work for. Of course it would all have to be read through and approved by mods/whoever ran it, but there are lots of upstanding individuals who would put in this kind of work. It would be great for the community. 

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While I like the idea, I can't see any possible way for this to happen.


The staff writes it


If the developers, community managers and so forth were to write said wiki, the content would probably read as follows:


Game Mode – Standard: In this game mode you can test your own creations against other trainers. Only cards that are legal in the Standard format are allowed in this modus. Do you have what it takes to climb up on top of the leader boards ?


In-Game Shop: Here you can purchase in-game items, such as booster, theme decks, or bundles, with the in-game coins. Grow your own collection and discover new and fun cards for your decks.


You get the idea.


The community writes it


If you make the whole thing open source, then we look at a whole bunch of different problems. Who is allowed to write there and what are the criteria for it ? How do we avoid two articles about the same topic and even more important, what if those articles come to completely different results (i.e. go-to deck lists for certain archetypes, match-up analysis, strategy advice, etc.).

What about compensation for authors ?

I believe that Harshu had a thread once that was catered to teach beginners the very basics of the game, but it didn't really stuck, which brings me to my last point: There is absolutely no need for a wiki.


The majority of players either don't use the forum, or wouldn't be in need for such a wiki. For those very few individuals, who'd actually benefit from it, the workload simply doesn't justify it, especially if you consider that a good chunk of new users aren't willing to click and read themselves through a lengthy wiki in the first place.

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I agree with Felidae.  As cool as a wiki would be, the truth is no one would read it.  I mean, hardly anyone frequents this forum, especially in ratio with how many people play the online game.


Plus, if it did ever happen, we would be confined to the PTCGO regulations, meaning many Pokemon would be censored, and many necessary phrases would also.  Not to mention, they would have to moderate it, and we all know where that would go.  I mean, the chat in game is canned.  You think there would be any freedom in that?  Nope.


I hate to be a negative nancy, but that is just the cold hard truth unfortunately.

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Opinions aren't true or false, cold or hot. And a wiki could easily work. All problems brought up are the same problems any wiki face. As such theres ways around and measures against those problems already out there to help wikis function properly.


I also want to point out that those users that are not comfortable using forums to answer their questions would probably prefer a wiki. And that these forums aren't the easiest and most obvious to set up and/or link game accounts with. Which also keeps users away. With a wiki however theres no need to make an account and theres no way to be embarassed because you don't know something.


A wiki could be exactly what this game needs...

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