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the games where you tests your decks are always very easy. Could it be possible to play vs yourself? In this case you can test both decks at once and live a really challenge. Surely better than against the computer...


And another question: how many levels are there? 30 or more?



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The level cap is 30, yes. It's 3 levels per type (sans normal type); the first 2 levels require 5 exp and the last one 10 exp.


Regarding your suggestion, that would probably go better in the feedback section but w/e xd. Playing against yourself wouldn't be as effective as you think though. If you're playing both parts, not only do you know your "opponent's" deck, but you also know exactly what he has in his hand, deck and prizes at every point in time, on top of being the one who takes the decisions. In the end it wouldn't be accurate for testing because you would play differently that you would against a different person. The other option though would be to make the AI use a custom deck of your choosing, which would be interesting but sadly the AI is rather limited. If you gave the AI anything more complex than "attach an energy an attack" it would not be able to execute the strategy of the deck properly.


So, while I see where you're getting at, I don't think I'd give you the results you're expecting. The best way to deck test is to take them to PvP and see how they fare in the ladder.

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