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Pokemon Stars, the third game


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Well folks, looks like Sun and Moon well come with a third game, and it is Pokémon Stars, which like the other third games, comes with plenty of extras and more to the story.  The main difference is that it well be made available on the new Nintendo Switch, which would be a first, and well be coming in HD, which would really make the game stand out.  While not sure if this is the game that Nintendo mentioned that well be available for the Switch, or there is another one in the works, but while it's nice if Stars was like Colosseum to where you can use the console to trade with the 3DS games, it wouldn't be too bad, the down side would probably be if they made Stars more of a stand along game somehow by not connecting the two.  Also, well, right now, still wondering if Pokémon Z got scrapped, or just got put in the back burner, along with Pokémon Rainbow, either way, right now, been asking myself what's been going on with Pokémon lately, with both the anime, and from what I've heard, the new Sun and Moon games.  Anyway, here is my heads up, and doubt I gave any serious spoilers, considering the only ones available are what's on Sun and Moon like story and elements, while also, since I haven't bought the game yet, didn't really gave much away.

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