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LF: VS Seekers Dimension Valleys and Battle Compressors


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I have alot of booster packs UFT and am trying to finish my night march deck. I was really suprised how great this deck is when i tested it against my thundurus ex/ deoxys ex plasma deck IRL and am now making it online and need a couple of cards. I'm looking for 2 VS Seekers 3 Battle Compressors and 4 Dimension Valleys. I can trade XY-Evolutions packs or cards.


Thanks :)

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Okay no worries they were only spares I no longer need so was just going to pass them on.


If you have any queries regarding your deck post your deck list in the deck construction section. I'm happy to help and give advice but there are much more seasoned and experienced players than me :)

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x3 mew ex

x1 gallade with premonition

x4 pumpkaboo

x4 joltik

x4 lampent

x4 DCE

x2 Psychic Energy

x4 Acro Bike

x4 Battle Compressor

x2 Switch

x4 Trainer's Mail

x4 Ultra Ball

x2 VS Seeker

x1 Hex Maniac

x1 Judge

x1 Lysandre

x2 Maxie's Ball Trick

x1 Misty's Determination

x4 Proffesor Sycamore

x1 Shauna

x1 Skyla

x4 Dimension Valley

x2 Muscle Band

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