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Mega Charizard X Ex and Mewtwo Decks help


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I'm working on two decks that I'm trying to turn competitive any tips would be great. I like playing expanded format.


Dragon's Roar

Pokemon: (16)

Charizard Ex (XY 121 Promo) x2

Charizard Ex (FlF 100/106) x2

M Charizard Ex (Flashfire 108/106) x3

Reshiram (BW 113/114) x2

Litleo (PF 11/119) x3

Pyroar (FlF 20/106) x3

Volcanion Ex (StmS 115/114)

Trainers: (24)

Evosoda x3

Trainer's Mail x3

Charizard Spirit Link x3

Ultra Ball x2

Professor's Letter x2

Fiery Torch x2

Shrine of Memories x2

Lysander x3

Blacksmith x2

Professor Birch's Observations x2

Energies: (20)

Fire x9

Burning x4

Double Dragon x4

Double colorless x3


Evil Minds

Pokemon: (17)

Mewtwo (evo 51/108) x3

Mew (evo 55/108) x2

Mew Ex (xy promo 126)

Shuppet (Phantom Forces 30/108) x2

Banette (Phatom Forces 32/108) x2

Sigilyph (LgndT 66/113) x3

Darkrai Ex (LgndTr 88/113) x2

Yveltal Ex (XY 144/146)

Trainers: (20)

Trainer's mail x4

Professor's letter x2

Ultra Ball x2

Energy Retrieval x2

Pokemon Center Lady x2

Shauna x2

Tierno x3

Lysandre x3

Energies: (23)

Psychic x10

Dark x9

Double Colorless x4

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The Charizard Spirit link. Oh that's so great. I already rescued some MCharizard old deck and updated to make it viable.


You should say what you feel you're missing but seeing the deck let's try to think out loud.


Personally, I would go with 4 Stoke Charizard EX as it's easier to setup. Victini [Victory star] ability can help. Also can do the Trick coin, but you need the spot for the Spirit link. Stoke for 3 fire, link, evolution, Double dragon and 300 damage. A 3-3 EX-Mega line could also be viable.


Also, I like more the fire Mega, with a Protection cube doesn't hurt itself and gets benefit of Blacksmith but here we have the Dragon one that discards you. That's the reason you need some cards like Vs seeker (4 of them!!), Super Rod (1), Special charge (1 or 2), Brock's grit (1), Energy retrieval and whatever other card that helps you recover cards to your pile or your hand.


3-3- Pyroar line it's the optimus, but the deck is so tight so if space problems 3-2 or 2-2 could be considered.


I like the 2 Reshiram but I feel they're kind of a bit more of the same. Fire attacker. Thinking about an own weakness counter. Yours is water (and fairy) and Water use to be Grass (or Steel). Also Fairy is weak to Steel so... if you can find a basic steel pokémon that attacks with colourless would be great. I thought on PhF Heathran but it needs one steel energy :(  Also the Plasma Leafeon could be cool. For 1 colourless energy attacks for 20x all the opponent's energies. The bad thing it's a Stage1 so you need the basic Eevee too and going with just 1-1 it's too much inconsistent. All that said, you could try with some blocker (you already have Pyroar but another one like Aegislash EX or Suicune or Sigilyph. But at the end of all that if I would choose something to try 1st probably would be... Noble Victories Kyurem (Outrage). It's same as Reshiram but water, to fight against mirror/other fire decks. And after all that, if you really manage to setup the Mega Char, you don't need nothing of this actually so you can save the spots.


Also I like the VolcanionEX idea 8and btw this is water too so here you already have a counter with 260 damage to fire pokémon. More than enough. If you find is useful more than only to Steam up, cut the Reshirams and add another Volcanion EX.


About trainers, use to be some staple ones that you can't miss. Starting the 4 Vs Seeker as we said before, you would need something close to:


1 ACE SPEC (you can't miss that in Expanded)

4 Juniper or Sycamore

2 Lysandre (only)

2 N and 1 Colress

4 Ultra ball

4 Vs seeker

The spirit links

1 Tool scrapper (better than Startling megaphone)

Some stadiums


For your deck is nice Blacksmith, and the above mentioned items and so to recover cards from discard and a pair or 3 Float stone (VolcanionEX can't attack twice in a row unless Pokémon Ranger in the middle, or back to the bench with a Switch/Escape rope and active again; Pyroar and Char EX are 2 retreat and the Mega is 3. How would I use the Float in Charizard if I need the link? That's why the tool scrapper is there.


I would get rid of the Evosodas and one Prof letter. Also would switch the 2 Fiery torch for 2 Scorched Earth stadiums. Do the same but last out there every turn. Even probably 3 Scorched and only 1 Shrine of memories. Or 2 Scorched and 1 Shrine and a different 4th stadium like Silent lab (goodbye Safeguards, HoopaEX, ShayminEX... also Steam up ability!). Not saying Parallel city because even you disrupt opponent's bench, would cut 20 damage from your fire pokémon. But that can be also an option as 1 single. Is really worth the Shrine?


20 energies is way too much. You need a lot to attack, that's true. But I would cut 4 or 5... maybe the Burning energies to start and see what happens. As I said, it's a very tight deck actually. Let me know if anything of what I said seems useful :)


About Mewtwo deck, I will take a look later.

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I see in the Mewtwo deck, your main attackers are the dark pokémon but there's not a consistent way to set it up to be fast.


You run a lot of techs, with small attacks that have effects. Probably too much techs.


To start, if 20 energies at the previous deck was too much, no need to say what 23 is. Best decks of the world (yes, the ones that go to Worlds and win) run around 8 to 14 energies. And 14 it's a high number. Some decks only run 4 energies (4 DCE) and still work. The core of a deck and what makes it work are the Trainer cards. That will allow you to search for, to refresh your hand, to evolve, to... make it work! Numbers on any deck should be something like 12-16 pokémon, 28-36 trainers, and 8-14 energies.


Shauna and Tierno are just "bad" supporters. 3 more cards are not so much and Birch is better than Shauna (statistically). In any case, none of that are used unless the plan of the deck needs it (like hitting +10 for any extra card on your hand or similar).


Look at the previous staple ones, those are the better.


Being the dark ones your main big hitters, you need to focus more on that. 3 YveltalEX would be great. Fighting fury belts make'em have 210HP so it's a great item. If not, Muscle band will be ok.


A great card for Dark decks is Dark patch. 3 would be enough probably.


You'll need space for all that stuff so really it's enough with 2 Sigilyph, and 2 Mewtwo. Some Float stone will help you to retreat as they're blockers mainly (Mewtwo also attacks but don't expect more than 100 in a turn, which actually it's good for 2 energies thou).


With Banette I was expecting to be the RoS 31 with the ability but it seems it's the 32 which can disrupt a bit the evolutions and the Mew and MewEX seems fine.


I would cut mainly a lot of Psy energies to start and add some changes. Then try the feelings with the deck to continue making changes if still needed :)

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