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Game Continuously Freezes


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I'm using Windows 10 to play PTCGO on my laptop, and about 70% of the time when I'm in a game, whether its during the trainer challenge or a versus match, the game will randomly freeze after 5-8 minutes. I still hear the music running in the background and I can still click on things to make sounds, but the screen will freeze at a certain point. It occurs randomly if I look at a card or attack or use a trainer from my hand. I even updated my video drivers and downloaded the card cache to try and fix this but it's just not improving. Is this a bug that will be fixed or is there a way I can fix it myself?

Edit: The game just froze during a coin flip. This is seriously irritating me.

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Hi MaxxC23!


First off you'll want to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. If it does, the first step I suggest for all bugs, as it usually solves them, is to do a complete uninstall and reinstall of the app. Below are some some instructions on how to do that. If that doesn't work, the next step would be to submit a support ticket, which you can do by clicking the link in my signature.


PC Uninstall

  1.     Go to the Programs and Features section your computer's Control Panel. Select the game and uninstall it.
  2.     Go to the directory where the game was installed. The default directory is C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData.
  3.     The game stores files in the LocalLow and Roaming folders. Go into the LocalLow folder and delete the "The Pokémon Company International" folder. Go into the Roaming folder and delete the "Pokémon Trading Card Game Online" folder.
  4.     Empty your Recycle Bin and then restart your computer.
  5.     Please ensure that you also delete all previously downloaded versions of the game. We recommend using a different web browser to download the file again (such as Firefox or Google Chrome). Visithttp://pokemon.com/playtcgo to download the latest game installer.
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