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LF: Trainer Kits (or 60 card sets)


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Is there anyone who has these Trainer Kits -- or the 60 card sets -- available for trade?


1 x Claw Barrage Trainer Kit  (Bisharp / Wigglytuff)

2 x Night Hunter Trainer Kit  (Excadrill / Zoroark)


I'm willing to pay whatever they're worth.  If you have them, please reach me in-game, or reply here.


EDIT:  Found both of the Excadrill / Zorark kits (Night Hunter) in Public Offers.


EDIT:  Also found one of the Claw Barrage in Public trading.

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If im not wrong you Can find it from absolutelyeevee

Thanks, but "Eevee's Exotic Shop" has been sold out of these two for quite some time.  He has the other 3 available though. ;)


I saw one of the Theme Decks in Public trading a couple days ago, but he was asking too much in Roaring Skies packs.

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I found both of the Night Hunter kits in Public trading, for 5-6 Roaring Skies packs.


I'm not particular.  Will gladly take the 60 card sets (Bisharp / Wigglytuff), or the Trainer Kit (Claw Barrage) for the other ones.  :)

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