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New BLW Trainer Kit for PVP matches?


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I purchased the new BLW Trainer Kit and I can play it on the Trainer Callenge. I unlocked all of the cards on there. However, the Trainer Kit does not show up in my Collection to make a deck in TCGO. Is it supposed to be like this? Other decks that I have purcahsed moved into my Collection without issue.


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I already won 12 matches with the deck. I paid $12 for the kit at walmart. It is still not showing up in my packs tab :(


Did you get the cool coin or anything else with the pack Pyre?


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-beep boop robot-


I would recommend sending in a ticket to support so that they can check this out. They handle all issues regarding any missing cards that you redeemed for the TCG Online.






That being said, I hope you manage to get your cards! ^_^ Stay cool!






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Need to report a bug or an issue? Submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com!


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