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Check my trades, I have some good playables (Looking for Boosters)


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I have these extras for trade, and what I'm looking for pretty much (Or give me an offer, I might take it):




1 DCE Energy (2 Packs)


1 FA or regular Zekrom (3 Packs for the FA, 2 for the regular)


1 Kingdra Prime (4 Packs? Still researching on what all I can get for this, might go for 3)


1 Blissey Prime (2 Packs)


1 FA Torndus (3 Packs)


And MAYBE 2 Rare Candy extras for trade (3-4 Packs each)




I possibly have more I can't think off the top of my head




I have some extra PlusPower and PONT's I think, I'll easily trade for a pack each


Pack wise I'm looking for Triumphant or HGSS


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Would you be interested in trading for a Yanmega P? Or are you pretty set on just packs? (I ask because most ppl want triumphant because of yanmega P)





I actually don't need a Yanmega, but thank you for the offer =p


And Coatie, I'll trade both for 8 packs I think...


I would do 6 if I knew I didn't need them, but next set or two I possible need them


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