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Test decks mode suggestion.


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              Okay, hear me out on this one because it's something I've wanted to see in this game since I started and it also doesn't seem like it'd be that hard to implement either. Essentially it would be like test deck mode but with this you'd pick and control both decks instead of going versus the AI which isn't very helpful for gauging/testing or learning much of anything. Right now test deck mode is basically a "test your new decks consistency mode"/"test your opening hands mode". I always find myself quitting after playing just a few turns against the AI in TD mode because it doesn't play anything like a normal person and its not at all stimulating to me. 

               I know, it also might sound weird to some at first for me to suggest such an incredibly solo feature but the advantages and experience you get from playing both decks is really underestimated and will help you when you do play real opps, at least in my experience. To be able to set up matches like that anytime is very beneficial for players. This would be a great learning tool, a great way to quickly brush up on certain matchups and learn the game/meta from both your pov of course and your opponents. Learn your foe, learn their deck and how they will think when they play it. 

             A few things to note, in real life you could of course do this with your decks anytime you wanted and if this game is really striving to emulate the full RL experience into the game then this would be a great addition imo, 

So to give some quick points about how this is a nice feature to have...
~You get to learn two decks at once, you get much more information on and familiarity with a particular matchup because you are setting up all the interactions yourself and are immersed in both sides of it. The AI doesn't play any decks a real person would, it doesn't play like a real person at all and so its not really an effective learning tool. You know how your opponent should be playing that deck but recreating that experience is difficult to do.
~You can test out bugs, with this mode it would be easier to try to recreate the last bug you encountered so you can give a better report to the devs and make their jobs easier in turn. Its very hard to test anything as it is right now.
~Its fun, if you haven't tried it before you should. I know, it sounds weird to enjoy playing two decks but it is because you learn.

Thanks for reading. 


I also want to point out I realize this is an online game and that its meant for pvp at its core but this should be thought of more as a learning aid to supplement the game and benefit all the players even the experienced players who won't normally benefit much if at all from trainers challenge/test deck mode as it is. Its not meant to overshadow anything, it's just another way to study the game. 

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This idea is great, I like it alot you earned your self a like :D

Might I add my own suggestion is have this ida AND an mode where you can edit the ai's deck and ai.

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