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If Pokemon really were apart of this world . . .


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Hey folks, here is a little something fun to get the creative juices flowing, so here goes.  If Pokemon really did exist in this world, what would you picture it being like?  With Pokemon Go making it seem close enough, especially with the new batch of pokemon about to be added in the near future, started thinking about the superbowl commercial, where they show CGI pokemon with real people, and watching the Ash's Journey short, which you'll find on the DVD for the First Movie, from a time when they actually tried to make it where Earth is where Pokemon live, before GameFreak decided to give the Pokemon their own world, and started picturing how different things well be.  And mainly, would prefer to see the CGI pokemon, since I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to see what they would like real and part of this world.  Anyway, if the countries of the world, or continents in some cases, represented a region, like Japan being Kanto, of course, with a touch of Johto, or say China being Johto, North America being the Unova Region, Hawaii being Alola, Indonesia, for an anime twist, the Orange Island, Europe being Kalos, Africa probably being Orre, not sure about Hoenn and Sinnoh.  Basically, like Earth getting a massive overhaul, to where, how different would you picture things of being if Pokemon really did exist in this world, like would the animals in this world be living with Pokemon, or just pokemon alone, would there be license required to ride on certain pokemon, or using certain ones, like a certificate to fly on a charizard, or have to get a permit to handle muk?  Or if you had a pokemon as a pet, which one would it be?  Like would you have a poochyena or meowth as a best friend, or a ralts?

Well, this s where I stop.  Usually I use myself as in example, but right now, the closed thing for me is to actually get a phone that is capable enough to let me play Pokémon Go without too many issues.  After seeing the artwork on the cards, and playing games like Pokémon Snap, along with pictures of the Pokémon World being more lifelike, well, wishing I could be apart of that world, even though there would be issues there that they don't cover in the games or the anime, like politics.  Anyway, feel free to share if you can picture what it would be like to have Pokémon in this world, and I know, I know, not possible, but hey, doesn't mean you aren't allowed to use your own imagination every once in awhile.

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