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A few weeks ago ,i did make support ticket for player Harassment

Solution is escalate futher investigation to mods they said,i said thank you

i guess maybe some kind of warning for this player but nothing happens  I guess

Because in versus game played game together today

i kinda feeling down, maybe ı should say something against him

Because this support ticket for nothing,i expected more things happen

Because everyone said you did right thing support will help you

Well maybe i should quit TCG CARD GAME

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What do you think a reasonable punishment would be?  Is a permanent ban reasonable for a first offense?  It's not.  You can't assume what got done, and it's not for you to judge if a punishment was "harsh enough."


Don't stop reporting.  I can't speak AT ALL for what happens, but I just assume that if someone is habitual, they will get worked out eventually.

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Rest assured, that any community member that breaks any of the PTCGO rules may be subject to disciplinary actions.


Such specific disciplinary actions and severity are considered a private matter between that community member and the moderators.


The forums are not an appropriate place to contest, refute, or discuss disciplinary actions. And because discussion of specific disciplinary actions is not permitted on the forums, this thread is now closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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