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Weavile/Eggs Legacy Question


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Having hard time against Rayeels legacy deck and ı need free retreat for smeargle and avoid for laserbank ,main problem victini V attack,
ı dont have sky bridge ,ıf ı get one , can it be helpfull,or make it worse
when i look up the cards i see ditto,(dittobolic ability),or team plasma snorlax block ability(not retreat)
and keldo-ex rush ability but need float stone

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Skybridge helps.


Garbador helps a lot if your deck doesn't rely on abilities.


Snorolax can help as well. There was an old deck using that and Virbank/lasers/Shadow Triad/Hammers/other annoying cards to lock the opponent into the active position while you slowly poison them.

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Skybridge is your card.


Ditto looks aweome. It's an easy  target but... awesome imo.


The problem with Snorlax is that needs to be the active. And also needs Float stone, the retreat cost is 4!


KeldeoEX can also 1HKO Victini with dark energies but, you need 3 on them to attack. Anyway sure you can discard some eggs to do the same without having to use Keldeo.


Another option could be DarkraiEX [Dark cloack]. It's an EX in a non EX deck but sure you run JirachiEX too? And if you thinking about KeldeoEX probably is not a problem to add an EX.


First versions of Weavile/Eggs decks run DarkraiEX. It's also a nice backup attacker. But Smeargle would need an energy anyway (and wouldn't be discarded to re-use with Dark patches).


As I said, I think Skybridge is the card and second choice could be Ditto, but Keldeo and Darkrai give you another options, a different style to the deck.

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i like sky bridge too,but my concern is sky bridge helps rayeels and other decks as well
but is it worth to play it ,and ı want to use keldo-ex because sometimes laser make you sleep, it didnt wake up,or should ı use 1 copy of switch instead of keldo-ex

i tried many of varients darkai-ex keldo-ex good combination but deck bench tight and like you said about smeargle darkpatch thing

well ditto is good too but i am thinking my bench size,it is tight

normally use 1 keldo-ex and two floot stone,but time to time keldo-ex prized or became first pokemon at start
how about 2 sky bridge , 1 keldo-ex , 1 float stone i ı act deck to deck or should ı use swıtch instead of keldo
but keldo-ex very usefull especially these laser attaks

 i thinking 2 sky bridge takes over 2 virgen stadium so its good plus weavile decks dont have stadiums

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I think 2 Skybridge is enough. True, also can help Ray-Eels so you need to check if worth.


On the other side a lot of decks run that stadium, the most played Vir-Gen can contain it so sometimes the opponent will set he stadium for you. That's why 2 is enough.


If you run also Keldeo, I would play 2 Float for sure. Tool scrapper is very played in the format and even discarded soon, with Junk arm can be recovered.


A switch can come always handy but that's up to you, looking for the available space.

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So basically 2 sky bridge,2 Float stone and keldo-ex ,it makes retreat and laser problems goes away

ı should act deck to deck situation

i would like add swtich ,couldnt find place for you now


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