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possibly a newb


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Hello all,


I am new to the game and I have a question.


I would like to build my own deck and I searched the forums on how to do so, but I don't see the 'build deck' buttonanywhere on my home screen or anywhere on the website for that matter.


I have beaten the first 2 tournaments in the trainer challenge. Do i have to beat the third before i can build a deck? or do i just have to win 12 matches with the fire/water/leaf decks to obtain them then i'll be able to build a deck since i own them now?


sorry if this is a newb question but i am just stumped :S




ty for the help




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Click on the Dashboard, and then click "Play Online" that wiil give you the screen with the deck builder button. You do have to defeat 12 different opponents with each deck to get it in the deck builder though.


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