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Skill is not working properly.


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Good evening, I would like to know how to request the correction of two cards:
- The first is the Eelektrik card (Noble Victories collection no. 40/101) -
The Dynamotor ability tells you that you can connect an electric energy from the discard pile to 1 of the pokémons in the bank.


However, even without specifying whether the energy is basic or special, it does not allow the Flashing Energy (Ancient Origins collection no. 83/98) to be selected in the discard pile.


- The second is the Mega Sceptile card (Ancestral Origins no. 8/98 and 85/98)
The Stop Effect informs you that it prevents all effects of the abilities caused on it by the opponent's Pokémon.

But abilities like Plasma Steel and Safeguard, which prevent damage from EX pokémons, should not interfere with Mega Sceptile's attack. 


Note: In the case of Mega Sceptile, if the card is correct I would like to know what determines which skill prevails.



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