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I Received an Early Mythical Collection Meloetta (With Pictures)


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Hey everyone!








I was at my local stationery store today, when I noticed a Mythical Collection Meloetta Box lying on the shelf. This is an item which should supposedly be available in December, so this really appalled me.








I bought it, and brought it home. The packs were completely genuine-the box even came with a code card! However, when I attempted to redeem the code, it gave me a message "This redemption is unavailable at this time."








Did anyone else manage to snag an early Mythical Collection box? Let me know!


Mythical Collection Meloetta Box: ************************


Attempt to redeem the code: ************************

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The error message is correct in that the 20th Annoversary Mythical Pokemon Collection - Meloetta codes are not scheduled to be active in the TCG Online until Dec. 1, 2016.

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