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Combinding electrode Evolutions with ninja boy


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here I come to post if you got any good ideas with electrode evolutions ability that can attach it self to any electric pokemon as 2 electric energy.


But then I realized when you attach itself to a basic electric pokemon then ninja boy that pokemon, the electrode energy remain and can also count as a DCE to any non electric pokemon, plus if you haven't attach a normal energy this turn, you can get 3 energy on that 1 pokemon.


I found it out with jolteon ex, glaceon ex and regice switch lock to make sure to get 3 energy prority to any of these and using ninja boy with any electric pokemon to switch to one of these depending on opponent deck and strategy.


What other basic pokemons or other pokemon can electrode ninja boy do you think that work with this?


any suggestions???? :)



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That is very clever, I would worry it being a little clunky but there are 2 decks that I think could use this well, as you said early jolteon boxes can use it, and trevenant ex before you say "wait there is an ex version of trev?" I think this will not be big until vikavolt comes out then trev ex/rakiu/vikavolt will be big and this ninja boy trick can help the deck use trev way better, trev ex is 50 + 20 for each grass, this ninja boy trick can let it quickly hit for the 70 it needs for certain match ups, and then you can ninja boy later into rikiu to hit for 90 and onwards later, thanks for this trick I will be playing ninja boy with my upcoming vikavolt deck now because of this idea

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