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I can't see my cards in my collection i can make deck by only using deck wizard that only way i can see my cards.I want this bug to be fix plz.i want to make deck by i now i can only use deck wizard which i don't want.

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Hi 123theskull, 


The dev team knows about this issue and is currently working on getting it resolved. 


In some cases, making sure you aren't logging in with guest mode has solved this for some players. The next time you enter the game and can't see your Collection, try clicking the Options button on your navigation bar and select "log out". If you were logging in with Guest Mode before, this should allow a prompt to log in to your full account. 


If you still can't see your Collection after logging out and back in, try a clean install. You can find the instructions and more information in the News and Announcements section of the forums under "Can't see your Collection? Steps to Fix!"


Any updates regarding the issue will be added to the Announcements section of the forums. 



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