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all worlds 2016 competitor items (coin ,deck box, sleeves)

4 darkrai ex with dark cloak promo bw46.

1 dakrai ex half art from dark explorers.

1 deoxys ex with power connect promo bw82

2 emolga ex half art from xy

1 gardevoir ex half art from primal clash

1 gardevoir ex half art from radiant collections

1 genesect ex half art from plasma blast

2 glaceon ex half art from fates collide

1 groudon ex promo xy42

2 jirachi ex half art from plasma blast

1 keldeo ex promo bw61

2 keldeo ex legendary treasures

1 kyogre ex half art from primal clash

1 kyogre ex promo xy41

1 kyrum ex promo bw37

2 kyrum ex legendary treasures

2 mega gallade ex half art fates collide

4 mega houndoom ex half art break through

1 mega houndoom ex full art break through

1 mega rayquaza ex half art (emerald break) roaring skies

1 mega sceptile half art ancient origins

2 manectric ex half art phantom forces

3 mew ex half art dragons exhaled

3 primal kyogre ex half art primal clash

1 primal kyogre ex ancient origins

1 rayqauza ex half art intensifying burn) roaring skies

2 rayquaza ex promo bw47 (dragon burst)

3 siesmitoad ex half art furious fist

3 victini ex legendary treasures

2 yveltal ex promo xy08

2 dowsing mashine

1 goivanni's scheme full art

if anyone is interested pm me over here or add me in game so we can talk.

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