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I wanna trade a Dragonite-Ex FA


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I found a Dragonite-Ex full artwork. I don't care about rarity at all, I have not many good cards now, so I really don't need of rare cards for a Deck.


I read Rayquaza's deck (and I don't remember what else) are good with this card, but they seems decks too hard to make for me.

I was thinking I can trade it, so somebody will be happy to have it.

I saw offers like: mega random + some common cards, Steelix-Ex + Mega Steelix, a pack + some cards + the same dragonite but not FA.


Actually now I'm watching DarkIntegralGaming's video, and i really interested in some decks that looking good like:

Mega Blastoise deck

Mega Vanusaur deck

Mega Charizard X or Y deck

Mega Pidgeot + Zoroark deck

Mega Bedrill + Yanmega deck


But I don't know if is the case to ask the main cards (not the entire deck obviously lol) of ONE of this deck. I don't know how this dragonite is good.


Can you let me know how is this card wanted?

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If you want to make a cheep deck try with typhlosion(normally each Attack 160-240) i think is the cheepest now ( 10 packs if you have thebtrainers and items) but i saw that Channel too and to make that deck you need more packs like 20

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So you think I can not get thinks like venusaur-Ex and M Venusaur (for example) with that dragonite?

Yeah, I know the typhlosion deck, but I don't like risky things.

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