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iOS App froze in tournament game, now I can't login


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I usually just play PTCGO on my laptop, but it's currently being repaired, so I decided to test the app on my iPad, and here's what happened.


I was playing a tournament game, and I used Talonflame STS Aero Blitz attack, I selected the two cards to add to my hand, then pressed done. Nothing happened.


The 15 second action timer ran down to 0 without the game responding, and then the same with my turn timer. The game state did not progress, nor did I get an end of game screen. Although, I did manage to grab the game log before doing anything else.


Since closing the app, and opening it again, now it seems as though I can't get past the 81% point after entering my login details.


I was irritated that I'd lost my tournament progress, but now I'm frustrated that I cannot play at all.

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