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4 supporter using at one turn in legacu format


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well there is pokemon called T2 magnezone with ability Dual brain ability lets use 2 supporter one turn

ıf you have 2 old smeargle+that T2 magnezone+one switch,you can use 4 supporter one turn

(I assume opponent have one supporter in his deck)

I kinda find it amusing and ı dont see that magnezone in legacy format mosty use  prime magnezone with 6 card draw ,why!

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Well, Team Plasma Magnezone it's a Stage2, hence you need at least a 2-1-2+1 Rare candy = 6 cards to make it playable plus all the needed to take it out (balls and others) and some turns to set up.


Also... use of 4 supporters in one turn could make you deck out in 3 turns? LOL


It's not so much about it's a bad card but doesn't fit with a lot of strategies probably. Most decks, even Legacy ones have EX as main attackers and some support pokémon around. Vir-Gen, Weavile-Eggs (not with EX though), Ray-Eels... if you need some support to make your EX attack maybe you can't afford those 6 spaces and also waste other finding and drawing resources for the "2 supporters a turn guy" and 2 or 3 turns to set up as you need it to make the strategy of the deck work and attacking turn 2 if possible.


Maybe wrong but it's what I think... and I swear I've seen this card in play, but I can't remember the deck. -_-

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