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Ability/Supporter bug attack canceling


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Sometimes whenever I play a supporter or an ability from my hand or bench or active pokemon the game counts it as an attack and then it doesn't let me do the attack, as if the ability or supporter used was the attack I used and then it forces me to click the "Done" option, leaving me without making an attack, losing the match or making use of another ability/supporter

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Could you speficy a bit more on the situation? Which cards were you using specifically and and what cards did your opponent have in play?


I can't imagine many situations where the use of an ability or supporter would leave you without attacking, but one of the following may have happened:


1) Either you or your opponent used something that prevents your active pokemon from attacking this turn (such as Yveltal's darkness wing when you flip a tails).


2) You used a supporter that would skip your chance to attack, such as Profesor Oak's Hint (it automatically ends your turn).


If you could provide more detail I'd be easier to tell what happened.

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The cards I had play were Mew-EX, Suicune (safeguard) and electrike(Ancient origins)
The oponent had in play greninja break x2, octillery(breakthrough) and 3 froakies
I used Lysandre after he used shadow stitching on octillery; next turn oponent just attached an energy to octillery and finished the turn, my turn again I used Hugh supporter card, attached a double colorless to mew but then it didn't let me attack with mew-ex (the effect of shadow stitching shouldn't work anymore by that turn)
Also the same happened time ago when I used Keldeo-EX Rush in ability after using Blastoise deluge and N the same turn and also again with Mew-ex after using Haunter's gothic fear

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I see. I don't know what happened with the second one but I do know what happened with the first one.


Shadow stitching remains in effect because it's not an effect that's placed on either of the active pokemon, but rather an effect placed over the opponent him/herself. This means that the effect remains even after Greninja is sent to the bench. The only way to block shadow stitching is with Bodyguard Marowak (maybe, I havent tested it, but in theory Bodyguard should prevent shadow stitching's effect from ever happening), and it can be removed with Pokemon Ranger (this one I can guarantee).


The second one I'm not really sure what happened. If I understood correctly, the following happened:


1) You used gothic fear and confused both active pokemon.


2) You used deulge to charge Mew-EX


3) You used Rush In to get rid of the confusion and then switch to Mew-EX


4) You used N at some point during the turn.


This one is kind of odd. There shouldn't have been anything that blocks abilities in play since you could use the other 3 abilities without problem in the same turn. The only thing I can think of is that Mew-EX didn't have enough energies to attack or that there was a card in play that increased its attack cost without you realizing it (like team flare gear Head Ringer or Trevenant from Breakpoint). If this was not the case, I'm either missing something here or there was actually a bug in this one.

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The problem the first one was:
Opponent turn - Greninja BREAK used shadow stitching
My turn - I used lysandre on octillery and finished the turn
Opponent turn - Attached energy to octillery and finished the turn
My turn - Used Hugh supporter, attached double colorless to mew then tried to attack but the game only gave me the options to retreat and "done" (shadow stitching effect should've finished working by this turn).
The other two times I'm pretty sure both Mew-EX and Keldeo-ex had enought energies to attack and no negative effects that interefere on both but the same thing happened

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Nvm that's definetly a bug. I'm afraid there's not much else I can do other than confirm this is a bug.


If you could reproduce the bug, save a gamelog and send it via support ticket to the support team. That helps them identify the cause of the bug and eventually patch it.

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