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Hello everyone,Just Started Legacy Tourney ,Im looking for Junk arm..


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Hi guys, I need junk arm preferably non holo,


I have M mewto psychic infinity full art/regular art  x 1

Hooh Rebirth full art/regular art  x 1

Gengar ex full art/regular art  x 1 

Bridgette full art x1

Prof Birch full art x 1

Downgrading FA Shaymin ex roaring skies x 1

Team Magma Secret Base non-holo x 4

Gyrados ancient trait x 3 and reverse holo evo magikarp x1 :)


Please state how many junk arm u willing to give and which cards u are interested.. 

Please add me IGN Asyraf..if you interested,personally pm me..Negotiatiable,or request any other cards besides these if you need..I have no packs..thank you ^^

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