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Kyogre and Groudon tins isolated from the able to trade tins


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With the 2.40 update they added a lot of stuff that can be stored and fully traded before opening: Theme decks, Pre-release boxes, League stuff, Battle arena decks, tins...


And about the tins: Magearna's, Yveltal's, Volcanion's, Groudon and Kyogre... oh wait, bug incoming.


The newer tins are classified (if right click over it) as Theme decks, with the Series (HGSS, B/W, XY...) and the name of the theme deck,  BUT the Kyogre and Groudon tins are: "No series".


Weird, I thought they were from XY. Also some other tins (Shiny Yveltal, Shiny Xerneas and Zygarde) are duplicate. Ones are No series and the other XY Series. What?


Also all tins have a draw (right down). Newer are Yellow box with a circle, meaning Theme deck playable. The Groudon and Kyogre are marked Unlimited (purple box with a pentagon and little circles in the meetings) same as the other No series.


Also I would swear even the newer ones are not playable in Theme. But it's not the point now.


So we have the added with the 2.40 update Groudon (No series) Earthshaker (unlimited) Theme deck, and the Kyogre (No series) Great Wave (unlimited) Theme deck plus the Yveltal, Xerneas and Zygarde's, isolated and with different features in between all the Tins.


But wait, there's still more.


I already had that Kyogre and Groudon tins in collection unopened, that I redeemed from codes. those are: Legends of Hoenn tin Groudon-EX and Kyogre-EX [spring 2015] XY Series and classified as Bundle pack. That's also different from the other duplicate tins.


And last but not least, those older tins already in collection, DOESN'T APPEAR TO BE TRADED, even marked.


Not sure what would happen if I redeem NOW a code from that last year tins. Probably redeeming the new stuff but please, those should be:


1. The same tins no matter when redeemed.

2. Able to trade, no matter what type of tin if still they're duplicate.


So please, fix that, unify criteria and standardize. Or give us at least an official explanation (in the web, the News forum or whatever needed to the people be aware of all that mess).


Hope this arrives to the Dev team to take a look. Thanks a lot

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