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Last Update - Child Account Issue


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Hi -


My son ( 9 yr old) and i have been playing the Pokemon Online Trading Card Game for quite some time. This last update broke his account. I was his only friend. He is no longer able to see me in his friends list. He is no longer able to send me battle requests. I removed him from my firends list a send him a new request he is unable to accept it. I logged into my Pokemon CLub account to check his settings and I cannot see what is wrong,


Social Preferences - Custom

Friend List - Open

Friend Chat - Limited


I have tried his account on two other PCs and the issues are still there. Any advice would be appreciated,










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I suggest that you send a ticket for your son, to the support team so that this issue can be investigated further. To submit a ticket, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your patience, and good luck!

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