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Garbodor / Pidgeot Deck


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Playing around with decks and came up with this as a potential Idea?

- Run Garbodor to kick their abilities and protect against tool card removal abilities.

- Run Pidgeot EX, have the ability to hit high damage with 1 energy up against heavy hitting
opponents and also have the option to 1 hit kill with bursting balloons attached etc. even M
Evolution pokemon potentially with 1 energy.

- Run a few potions and Pokemon Centres, can even afford loss of energy due to minimal
energy requirements to keep Pidgeot in play to potentially ******************** Ex's

- Run a few pokemon rangers incase Garbodor isn't set up to remove affects.


This could be a very trainer heavy deck to support especially by keeping energy low and potentially even keeping pokemon numbers low.

Obviously this is very outline as just an idea, think it could create a good deck?

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Well, I don't see it good enough.


I see Garbodor good, it's ruling the Meta right now. Just be aware if you run Hoopa-EX and Shaymin-EX, as other decks, not shutting down yourself too early.


The 1 energy Mirror move attack of Pidgeot EX means if your opponent hits 30, you'll do 30. If he hits 150, you'll do the same. I like the idea of the BBallons but then, the Mega evolution it's kind of situational. Of course you should keep the Spirit links in hand right to the time to Mega evolve if you use the balloons.


The bad part is that you don't manage at all the attacks, just depending on the opponent ones so probably he/she can not attack until be sure to do 170 damage and there are some that can do that right now without being a mad thing.


The other attacks are not so low energy requirement but the DCEs will help of course. On the other hand more energies means bad against MMewtwo-EX, Yveltal-EX (coming back!), and DCEs not the best idea against MScizor. Then the Pidgeot-EX doesn't hit too much, 80 is low. This makes us go to the Mega.


With the MPidgeot-EX attack you can play changing the opponent's active pokémon to make active Tehc pokémons and try to KO the non-ready/almost-ready pokémon or another like the Shaymins that would be OHKO next turn if doesn't retreat.


Lots of Float stones out there and Parallel city to discard benched Shaymins doesn't help a lot but anyway could be fun to play this way.


Count in the Max potions for when 1 energy attacking and a pair of energy retrieval to be sure to be able to counter hit.


Shrine of memories seems to be a nice stadium to have 220hp but attacking with the 1 energy Pidgeot-EX attack.


But you can try, for sure can win you some matches. Any 1st list idea to start?

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I lost to Garbodor/Pidgeot with my Greninja. Very good deck, consistent DMG.

garbodor pidgeot is something of an anti-meta deck- mainly suited for battles against greninja. And maybe rainbow road if you have the right build.


The real problem here is that the two cards have barely any synergy. M Pidgeot-ex can hit for a very awkward 130 damage (which can ko greninja and xerneas yes, but means it's incredibly susceptible to being beaten by megas)


Also, pidgeot-ex's first attack though quite good can't be used very effectively here without a stadium, and even if used usually ends in an equal prize exchange. The main problem right now is you need either a way to further stall your opponent (hammers/flare grunts) or a way to hit for some big damage (tech in a xerneas or two since you're anyways running so many dce and single energy)

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I was interested to see your thoughts, I appreciate the feedback as I don't actually believe it would be worth the hassle upon reflection.


As stated a very situational deck and additional disruption would be required.

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