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my Cards for your Triumphant packs


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Venomoth Venonat-1-2 Packs


Bellsprout line-4 Packs


Ho-oh 1 pack


1 magmortar (top ******)-2packs


Bottom half of lugia legend 1 pack


Kyogre-1 pack


garvantula Uncommon 1 pack


Electrabuzz pack


Mime jr 1 pack


2 munna and 1 masharna 1 pack


Krookodile 1 pack


sudowoodo 1 pack


2 scraggy and carvanah 1 pack


2 mawille pack


Pidgey line 1 pack


Patrat 4 for 1 pack


Zangoose for 1 pack


Celebi prime -2 packs


Bottom of palkia dialga lengend- 1 pack


Crushing hammer- 1 pac


2 Energy Search -1 pack


Juniper -1 pack


Junk arm and 3 potion for 1 pack


I put how many packs i was hoping for next to the actual cards. But dont be afraid to make offers :D


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