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Versus Ladder Bug - No Rare Holo Chest


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Hi There,


Just had a very random encounter whilst playing some versus matches.


I was on 745 points on the ladder, won a match and the other person had 'advantage' so i expected to go up to 760, Instead my ladder points shot up to 850 so an error in itself.


The rare holo chest unlocks at 820 and currently shows as unlocked however it isn't in my collection, can't be double clicked on etc. 


I have closed the app and restarted, my points still show 850 but no sign of the rare holo chest?


Any help appreciated 



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Also missing 5 tournament tickets from this ladder!


Sent a ticket but got a poor response that didn't help in the slightest for the original bug, which I responded to but no reply to date.


I see with all these little niggles it must be busy so I'll forget about it and take whatever I get given from the vs ladder.

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