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New Trainer Challenge Difficulty spike:


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For those of us who have been buying all theme decks simply to have something to play against AI for the occasional booster pack, the new trainer challenges are basically unbeatable with the legacy theme decks, and several of the newest theme decks.


I don't know of any way to win with these crappy decks except for immediately conceding until a near perfect first hand is drawn, and then hoping beyond hope that the NPC gets a crappy draw.  Since the decks are prone to drawing either: non stop filler pokemon, or non stop energy, and there are few trainer cards in them, this seems to be the only playable way.


I would heavily recommend bringing back selectable difficulty, or better yet, having the NPC AI 'cheat-draw' to a brick, or to have the NPC deck be filled with useless things, when it detects the player is using a legacy deck(or any of the top ten crappiest theme decks).

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I thought it was going to be harder but... I made the 4th star yesterday over some trainers and now is 1 win = 1 star, so very fast to get the pack from a trainer.


A lot of NPC benched Stage 1 or 2 pokémon with 3 or more energies attacks attached for 80 and more damage not coming to play to 1HKO my active, once and another time until I KOed all the other benched pokémon without energies coming to play, Trainers, abilities and others, used just when "it" can (if in hand, it's an auto use of whatever the item, tool or supporter, even if this makes it end with 1 card in hand instead of the previous 10 for example with N, or auto draw to 0 remaining with Sycamore having 5 cards in drawing pile only... )


Still not so smart NPCs at the end and not having problems at all with XY or Basic form the game Theme decks.


But I agree with the Legacy decks situation. Those were hard to play even before the update and I guess still they are, even more.


You need to try move one trainer to another to play against weakness to get the 12 wins for a pack and still hard this way (not 12 with weakness to our types for sure). I surrender with Royal Guard while ago...

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