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Trading some good cards for mostly PACKS/some cards.


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I dont have all that much, but some of these cards are highly sought after. Rares are iffy, so i'll just list all of them.


I will be updating this thread very often, as soon as any notable changes are made.














Primes, legends etc.




-Gengar Prime x3


-Lanturn Prime


-Steelix Prime x2


-Ampharos Prime


-Feraligatr Prime x2


-Raikou and Suicune Legend (Top)


-Lugia Legend (Bottom)


-Ho-oh Legend (Top)


















-Quagsire x2


-Weezing x2


















-Sudowoodo x2






















-Floatzel x2


-Lucario x2






















-Thundurus (reverse foil)


-S w a n n @










Other notable cards:


-Pokemon Catcher


-Judge x2


-Engineer's Adjustments x2


-Plus Power


-Dual Ball


-Crushing Hammer


-Fisherman x2 (both foil)


-Interviewer's Questions x2 (both foil)


-Art Style Energies from HGSS, can throw this in to sweeten deals














-PACKS. Packs are my highest want, because I need to expand my collection. Accepting HGSS/UL and also TM/BLW if the offer is good.










-Card wants. These are pretty low, wont trade my best cards for them. These are rares so will mostly trade my rares for them. Additionaly want Donphan prime if you see something you would trade for it.




-Gothithelle ability x2


-Ninetales with roast reveal


-Samurott ability x2




-Beartic with sheer cold


+ you can always try offering me good tradebait cards, but again, packs are no.1 priority.


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Like I said in the original post, I need to expand my collection, so my best cards (candy is one of them) will only go for packs. So can't accept that offer. Its all explained in the first post really.




I could maybe take packs + some rares, but still it would have to be mostly packs. Like 4 packs + samurott maybe


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Even if you say so I'll try to make an better offer then Benhell (looks like you want Fighting Pokés...)




4 Sudowoodo (there are quite better then Sawk in Gameplay)


+ 1 Terrakion (high tradevalue)


for your Candy


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Thanks for trying, but I have to pass. I really need the packs :)


You can either


offer me mostly packs(candy at least 4 in this case, normally 5) + sweeten it up with some rares




trade rares for rares with me.


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