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A bug with Unfezant, Spinda, Mew-EX and Safeguard Carbink.


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I have been playing a deck that combines Unfezant ROS 81's Feather Dance attack, and Mew-EX LTR 139's Versatility, with Spinda PRC 115's Uproar attack.

The idea behind the deck is that feather dance increases the damage of uproar to 90 damage to all your opponent's pokemon. And this works in most cases, but specifically if there is a pokemon that doesn't take damage from EX's such as Carbink Fates Collide 50, then the attack will do 90 to the active, 0 to carbink, and 10 to all the other benched pokemon, instead of the expected 90, 0, and 90 to the other benched.

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