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Game crashes on startup


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I just updated and my game crashes every time I attempt to start it. It reads: Oops! The game crashed. It then links me to a folder of the crash report and asks me to send it to the developer of the game.


This error report contains a bunch of things I don't understand, but it looks like it's being pretty specific about the error type:

KERNELBASE.dll caused a Microsoft C++ Exception (0xe06d7363)
  in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0023:75fea6f2.
I did some googling and answers involved debugging, which is not a capability I have, especially for a game that is not open source. 
I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem or what I can do to fix it. In any case, if there's some other way I should go about reporting it, I would be happy to know. I will also say that I've tried installing and uninstalling the game and I have also restarted my computer. Neither seemed to make a difference. 
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how did you uninstall? were the game's user files still in its directory?


i don't use a pc, but make a copy of user data save somewhere else. then uninstall and delete everything from the original location if game info is still there. reinstall

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