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proof on how posts get attention, and why it happens [WIP]


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this is a work in progress


so I made a quick experiment, I made a post saying ---->HOW TO GET FREE SHAYMIN EX!<---- and got 30 views in 5 min, and [yes I planed this for a while] I made a guide on budget decks put effort into it and got 30 views in 3 days,


You can put effort into making a post and get no views, but make a pos with what is know has a "clickbait title" that is made to be treated as a joke, this does not only happen with me it happens all over the forums.


I also made a post similar to my new one, and simply hiding the fact that it was made as an experiment it had different responses



This is just the starting of me running experiments, and there will be more in the future


but even on what little I have made here, this is just to spread awareness 

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