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Why I'm asked for Login on existing account to upgrade Pokemon TCGO account if I get following message: "You cannot upgrade with a previously existing account. To upgrade, please create a new account."
​How I can login to nonexisting account? Is there any other account state other than existing and nonexisting I'm not aware of?

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Found the answer in another thread:


So after a little while I found another post that included this :


Try this.


1. while in game, click the icon in the upper right to go to your options

2. choose exit, and then to log out

3. Log in with your account credentials


You should then be back in on your account.


2.39 updated the guest flow and it sounds like you just hit "start" and logged in on a guest account that is tied to your device and not with your username and password to access your account.


Didn't think this would work but it did (at least for me). Bad news is you're going to have to do the tutorial again.

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