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Crash Report Folder?


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Ever since the update in late September, I've been unable to play the game :(


Every time I start it up I get this error message (I've screenshotted it below)








In case that doesn't work it reads




The game crashed.


The crash report folder named "2016-10-27_134936" next to game executable.


It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!




Obviously the date changes depending on the day I try and open the game :P




I've tried uninstalling, deleting all the files from LocalLow and Roaming and then restarting and reinstalling as well as regular uninstall and reinstall but nothing has worked :/




An error also appears if I try and uninstall normally (I have to go into 'change' and then 'remove')








Could not access network location






I run from a Windows 7 OS if it helps c:

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