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Server Unavailable?


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Hi guys, wonder if anyone could shed any light on why we (me and my 6 year old son) can't log in to the TCG Online?


We downloaded it onto my laptop about 3-4 days ago and were having great fun with it until yesterday morning when we got the error message "Servers are currently offline. Please try again later."


The message popped up before attempting to log in, so I took it at face value. However I've just tried it again - and still the same.


I've checked the official website, and found these forums looking for possible info (I assumed it would be affecting everybody) and there doesn't appear to be any mention of an outage, so I'm just wondering if it's an issue at our end?


Any advice welcomed, my young man will be asking me in the morning if we'll be able to play and I don't think I could face telling him he's locked out of it for a 3rd day running...


Many thanks



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Hi Ben,


Did anything change in your system or network configuration when the problem first started?


For example, did your virus protection update?


It sounds like something is blocking communication from your game to the game's server.  Perhaps a firewall permission or ports on your router or ISP are not open?


More info about needed internet ports for communication can be found in this article: http://support.pokemon.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=1306

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