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Golduck Break Lugia Deck pls help


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i need the following cards

2x Lugia fc

2x golduck BKP

1xPsyduck BKP

2x Golduck Break

1x Regice

3xFighting fury belt

3xmax elixir

1x max potion

And I have for trade:
​1x Mewtwo ex

1x Fa houndoom Ex

3x Zoroark (Stand In)

4x Raichu break

2x Noivern Break

1X Glalie EX

1x FA Pokémon Ranger

1x Marowak Break

These are my main offers so if you have a generous heart pleasepleaseplease do a trade for any of these cards that works for you


Dat Boi

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I have psyduck and max potion for trade.  Nothing on your trade list is low enough value for it to be fair, so I'll look over your binder. 

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