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What will the new Evolutions boosters be worth?


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As I'm fairly new to the game I have no idea what is going to happen when a new set of cards is coming out. 

-Will the value of SS boosters drop

-Will there be such a high demand on the new boosters that they will go for ridiculous prizes?

-Or does everyone just buys a lot for themselves and is it just like 1,5 to 2 SS for a Evolutions booster?


In other words: should I consider to buy some booster packs for myself?


Thanks a mill!


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The first week or so after a set release new packs are typically outrageously over-valued, you can fairly easily score lopsided trades in your favor. Opening trade-able packs is ill-advised; use tokens if you want to open new packs.


Example: When Fates Collide was released I was fortunate to complete 4 trades of 15 packs to receive a FA Shaymin-ex from RS (gave a total of 60 packs for 4 FA Shaymin-ex). Value on Shaymin-ex is much higher now though since RS packs are much more scarce.

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