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FREE XY95 Pikachu promo card! Code for everyone (Promo ended)


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***** THIS PROMO IS OVER *****


A new "hidden" promo card can be gotten redeeming a code, as it was Rallying cry deck (and still it is typing BWPLASMABLAST and BWPLASMAFREEZE for example).


The card to get it's the XY95 Promo Pikachu (locked)


Can be redeemed just once and the code is...




Go to in-game redeeming code place or to the pokémon website: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trainer-club/enter-codes?mo_ar=true

(and remember to log-in before of course so the system can know for who's the card)


Wish you all get it :)

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thanks :)


anyone else got any codes? i've been a way a while and it feels like there should be more.


also they limit them now? :( i remember getting loads of 1 code-deck so i could have 4 copies of a card out it... dragonsexhaulted i think?

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