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Please add a lot more canned chat options


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The canned chat doe not even contain a fraction of the respectful and common communications i see in the game.


The current things that get used are "well played" and heart broken symbol. This is not enough.


I would suggest a huge list available, and perhaps customizable or showing the most freququently used on screen, without even having to click on you face icon. Also alow the canned chat as the game is ending.


There are a lot of respectful communications but start with:

Good game!


Thanks for the game!

I got lucky!

rematch? (make rematch available for VS games)

I like your deck!

Whoops! (when you make a mistake)


Feel free to add a bunch more options, but the current selection is terrible, and awkward at best.

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Yeah agreed, the current list is awful. These additions would be a good start. I find the emoticons particularly vague. When someone sends me a smiley face I can't tell if they're being friendly or trying to gloat about a play they just made.


I'd also like:


-My hand sucks. (Or "No hand." if "sucks" is too harsh a word.)

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I have a list of suggestion, that we have created for some time a go...

Mode: Will you pleas forward the list to the developer? 

  • Good luck have fun.
  • Good Game
  • I think you are out of energy
  • I am doing mission
  • I have to go. Sorry.
  • Do you want a re-match?
  • You have some cards that i am interested in, let trade.
  • Let trade?
  • Wow. You have many rare cards.
  • Interesting deck you have.
  • I think you made an error with your last move?
  • Grr... I made an error there...
  • I think you will win this!
  • Do you want to see my fun deck?
  • Mis click 
  • Good Game Well Played
  • Bad draw 
  • Sorry about the bad hand
  • Thanks!
  • Friend me after the game?
  • That was a great play!
  • Nice combo
  • Yes sure (this is to answer questions like lets trade)
  • No thanks (same as above)
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We appreciate your feedback and suggestions! However, please keep discussion of chat to the large thread already devoted to the topic. That is the best way to get the developers' attention as that thread is indeed monitored. Thanks!

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