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Improving the trading experience


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Dear PTCGO teams,

Here is a couple of things that I find a tiny bit irritating when trading, and I'm sure many other players would love that to be fixed, so let's go ahead and name them.


1) The auto refresh when we complete a trade.

=> Issue : Quite often while screening the trading board I am willing to take an offer even if I'm not super excited about it (let's say 1 common I have already 3 of for another one I have 5 of for example)... But the fact that I know if I want to check other offers I will have to wait for the board to reload make me just don't want to do it.

=> Fix : There's a refresh button on the top right, that's not so useful at the moment... So if we remove the auto refresh after a trade has been completed, we can just manually refresh the board and that's way better.

Sure that's one click instead of zero... But on the other hand, we would not have to wait around 1 minute (depending on the quality of our internet connection) for the board to refresh completely before being able to screen once again.

2) Impossibilities to search a given player's trades.

=> Issue : Sometimes we just want to search for a person's trades, for different reasons... Might be that this person told us that he/she has just post a given offer on a public market that we want to take, or that we have already traded with that person in the past and that we want to do it again, etc.

=> Fix : Doesn't sound too big of a deal to me to include that in the possibilities... And could be appreciated every now and then by many.


3) A filter for players.

=> Issue : There are many players that post a lot of trades on the market that we know we won't ever be interested in, so coming across those trade always feels irritating and the possibility to remove them permanently from our board would be a delight.

=> Fix : A "filter/banlist" where we can prevent all offers from the name(s) on our "list" to appear on our board (both current and future offers).

I am certain that a lot of people would love that feature, might not be the bulk of the players, but definitely the bulk of those who spend a considerable amount of time on the public market.

4) The possibility to sort offers by posting date.

=> Issue : Not much, just a convenient and cool feature here.

=> Fix : The idea is to be able to easily see the offers that have been posted recently by loading them first when the board refresh (or when we refresh the board if the first suggestion happen to be implemented :)).

The way it is at the moment we can easily see the offers that are about to expire, but there is no quick and convenient way to see the offers that have just been posted...And if we have been screening the entire board for a decent amount of time, we pretty much know that we don't want to do any of the trades that are currently here...

That makes us only (potentially) interested in new trades, so having them as our disposal quickly would be considered very convenient.

5) Making the tag work for gameplay items.

=> Issue : While I am pretty sure that this is a known thing by now, I can't really talk about improving the trading experience and not mentioned that the gameplay items tags does not work properly.

=> Fix : Well, just making them like cards and packs and we should be fine, shouldn't we ?

I understand that gameplay items does not make a huge share of item that are traded and that therefore that fix is not a priority, but that would still be great to have it working properly while you're at it.

That's pretty much it for today, I'm sure I've forgotten a couple of other things but the most important improvements I'm looking for should be there.

While I don't expect you to give me ETA on those five improvements, I would still be delighted if you could tell me if they are on there way or not... And if that "market overhaul" is something that will come all together or one piece at a time in different updates.

Thanks in advance !

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In my opinion i would like to see an easy option to Redo a previous trade,


I put alot of the same trades on a regular basis(as i know they should sell/trade), it would be quicker for me just to press one button if i have the right cards, to be able to set up the same trade quickly, saves time running through all my cards again and again!


would be good to do this with trades that also havent sold...

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Great post, I wish us "noob" users had their posts viewed more often this a lot, I think most of these are great idea that need to be looked at

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