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Devs, please don't take our ability to speak.


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​Before I even start, no this will not be a salt-filled rant.
But its gonna be a rant.

​Pokémon has always impressed me with its ability to bring people together, no matter how tough, old, smart whatever.
​Its a community.

​I've been around on the online TCG for quite a while. I can't quite remember when I started but it was certainly before X/Y set. It was this online TCG that made me even like the cards anyway. The online TCG has had a lot of bugs and a lot of issues but the devs always made up for them after.


Pokémon is one of my favorite series so it makes sense I would like the card game, however one of my other top favorite series also has a card game but I don't play it too much for one reason.. 
​I've played a lot of online card games, but none of them catch my eye and they all​ have one extremely disappointing feature that makes everything feel static​..
​Canned chat.

​I've always hated that in a battle you only had 3-5 boring and rarely-can-be-used in the way you mean messages. You could never interoperate them in the ways you wanted. I'd rather be facing a player who isn't chatting compared the inability to chat- Its the idea that we can talk to them like a human.





​But moving on and a bit more to the point:
​This is a terrible, community killing idea.
​Maybe a bit too much to the point?

​I know I know, as devs I'm sure you get overloaded with complaints and reports. And that likely makes it look like its a lot more than it is.. But here's the thing, you guys get the over-load of it all. A lot of people just go to the forums to complain only *Cough*What I'm doing right now.*Cough*  ​but as someone whos been playing for quite a while: I can only think of about three times ive actually had someone be salty. And one of those people even tried to add me afterwards!

​I nearly always say hello. (Like a human, that is.)
I wish people good luck on tournaments, and usually get it back.
​I ask people if they'd be willing to help me with a challenge, and I get asked for help myself. And I do help them.
​I complement a deck, I get complements.
​I apologize for my laggy internet and ive yet to have anyone say anything bad back besides "Its fine/all good/ no problem" And because of that I'm more inclined to wait on slow players myself.
​Someone doesn't understand what happened during a battle, I help and explain.
​I say how unlucky my hand is, and they might do the same.
​I want to laugh at a joke deck, and "hear" reactions when they see mine.
​And I might even get into a conversation about how late it is from someone ​on the other side of the world.
​That's a community.


But its just battles right?
​Well, that's the main feature isn't it?
​I've added a very large amount of people over the times playing this. 30% Trades %10 In lobby and the rest in battles.

​I don't want to chat in the lobby, I want to do something.
I want to say hello, complement a deck strategy ive never seen and ask how it works. ​Plus I have a serious habit of spaming out of battles once its over and I never remember to add someone..
​Truth be told I'm not perfect. I tend to not say anything at all and complain to myself(out of chat) when I see ​the sixth deck based on evil/x/areo ball EXes IN A ROW.
​But I enjoy knowing I have the power to talk than knowing I can't.

Having the ability to talk makes it feel like I'm facing a person​ and not just playing a game alone.

​Plus if you really insist on canning the chat, why did you give us 4 lines of duologue and not the OLD system? Or, what was the point of adding a MUTE when you essentially already muted us?

​I'll sit around and accept that we don't have a unlimited mode.
​I'll sit around and miss some of the features with Friend Battles.
But I'm not going to sit around and let the chat be destroyed along with the community.
​It already has the boring static feeling, and I'm not going to lie, while I take breaks from the TCG from time to time I don't see myself playing much anymore now.

​With all due respect, it may just be chat to you but you aren't removing just a chat- You are removing the feeling of playing another person. You are removing sportsmanship (Yes, both good and bad.) and a vital part of community.
​And without, its just sorta..Dull.

So please, PLEASE, don't ruin something for all of us just because of the actions of a few. This is NOT the solution

​Pokémon is a community, please keep it like that!


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Please keep discussion of this topic to the larger threads already active. I'm going to go ahead and close this up to prevent clutter. Thanks!

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